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What are the benefits of Blended Learning?

Blended Learning is an intelligent combination of technology-based learning (nowadays mostly online) and face-to-face sessions (often workshops and seminars).

Blended Learning is very cost-effective

  • all materials are online, so you need no course books
  • online learning time is cheaper than ‘live’ learning time (access fees have to be paid, but the total costs per head and session are lower)

Blended Learning is more flexible

  • you can train as long as you want and repeat freely until you have mastered the unit
  • you can calmly and in your personal environment reduce inhibitions
  • you are not bound to a fixed schedule

The actual face-to-face sessions with your teacher are more lively and efficient as they are unburdened of the knowledge transfer happening online.

Why not only learn online then?

Language learning is more than the transfer of knowledge. Fundamental communication skills can only be developed in human interaction and tested together with your teacher personally supporting you.

Learning languages made easy! Here’s how:

  1. Introduction and kick-off with your personal needs assessment, study plan, and teacher
  2. Self-study phases: where you want; when you want; as intense as you want – always with the support of your personal trainer
  3. 12 x 45-minute-sessions with your teacher; what you want; when you want; as intense as you want
  4. Final evaluation with a personal performance analysis
  5. If required: examination and certificate

The Learning Platform

Our online learning platform consists of tried-and-tested materials for a specific level of general or Business English which we expand with materials developed specifically for your personal language course.

The advantage being that the online materials for your personal Blended Learning programme are practice-oriented and adapted to your needs and requirements.

During online learning phases your teacher can actively accompany your work and progress. Your English course always provides you with the support, corrections and individual extra materials that you need.

You will never feel left alone with the programme and can rely on us for questions and uncertainties regarding the use of the platform. Furthermore, you will feel encouraged and motivated by the provided support.

The learning platform is very easy to use. It can be accessed via a Logos gateway, runs on all mobile devices and there are no complicated passwords.

To join the online learning programme you need an access code, which you can obtain from us. Please contact us by phone 0911 / 28 777 -25 or via  e-mail.