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Rhetoric and Presentation – Presentation Training Nuremberg

With our presentation coaching you will learn to ‘come across’ as your professional self-conception demands. Communication is the key to success, not only for managers. A rhetoric and body language coach maximises the impact of your presentation. Your trainer will analyse your demeanour and together we will work on finding your personal style.


This awaits you in our Presentation Training Nuremberg:

Targets in training for managers

  • your coach will ensure your confident demeanour
  • together you will develop a communicative self-image
  • you will learn to use situational rhetorical means

You can book our seminars in English or German. Our coaches are at least bilingual and have worked on a minimum of two continents. Therefore, we especially enjoy coaching for specific purposes and presentations.

“The effect is massive” (Lothar, Key Account Manager)

Should you have little experience in presenting you and your topic in front of an audience our sensitive coaches are perfect for you.

If you want to transfer your competence and experience completely from one language to the other, our coaching is very effective.

Our coaching is meant for all those who want to unconventionally boost their creativity. Let’s discover the rhetorical master in you!

Length of the training: 1-2 days (10 – 20 teaching units) – unless otherwise agreed

Location: Logos Language Institute


Contents of our Seminars (excerpts):

Our trainer will for example lead you through the following topics:


Work on the Presentation

Intercultural Competent Communication

  • time is not everything
  • Power, Distance, Proximity
  • appropriate clothing

Presenting Yourself:

  • body language
  • puff is part of the trade
  • self-irony, yes or no?

Contact with your Audience

  • creating and keeping eye contact
  • humour for the humourless
  • involving the audience – but how?


Work on the Presentation

Structure your Presentation

  • partner-oriented structure
  • start off right
  • end with a bang


Work on the Language

  • specialist jargon or Blue Peter
  • rhetoric for non-rhetoric enthusiasts
  • effective linguistic pictures