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Feedback from our Participants


I like our lessons very much and they are good for me because I have to practice talking and writing in English. You are doing a great job, thank you!”
Markus, Electrolux, Rothenburg

„Der Unterricht war unterhaltsam, und das ist sehr wichtig, wenn wir uns viel konzentrieren müssen. Die Lehrkräfte waren toll.“
Céline, LIDL, France

Teacher was perfectly well prepared and he took care of special needs. I really enjoyed the course.”
Angelina, E-T-A, Altdorf

Simon is a really good teacher, since he taught me it makes me happy to speak English.”
Horst, ERGO Direkt, Nuremberg

I like how Peter taught us. It was (and it is) a good mix of vocabulary and grammar.”
Ursula, Electrolux, Nuremberg